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GoodHealth21 Diagnostics is a leading provider of comprehensive healthcare services in the comfort of your own home. In this article, we will focus on Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) tests and provide you with relevant information regarding the VEP test price in Delhi. By offering accessible and affordable healthcare solutions, we aim to empower individuals to prioritize their well-being conveniently.

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What Is A Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) Test?

A Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) test is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure that measures the electrical activity generated by the brain’s response to visual stimuli. It is a valuable tool in assessing the functioning of the optic nerves and the visual pathway. This test is particularly useful in diagnosing various eye-related conditions, such as optic neuritis, optic nerve damage, multiple sclerosis, and certain neurological disorders affecting vision.

VEP Test Price In Delhi

At GoodHealth21 Diagnostics, we strive to make healthcare services affordable and accessible to all. Here are two kinds of VEP tests price in Delhi:

  • Basic VEP Test Price: Includes the standard VEP procedure with comprehensive reporting.
  • Advanced VEP Test Price: Provides additional analysis and detailed reporting, including interpretation by a specialized neurologist or ophthalmologist.

Please note that prices are subject to change and may vary based on the specific requirements of the patient. To obtain accurate and up-to-date pricing information, we recommend reaching out to GoodHealth21 Diagnostics directly. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Advantages Of VEP Test At Home

GoodHealth21 Diagnostics brings the convenience of home-based VEP testing to Delhi. Here are some advantages of choosing our services:

  • Comfortable Environment: Testing conducted in the familiar surroundings of your home ensures maximum comfort and convenience, especially for individuals with mobility issues or anxiety-related concerns.
  • Time-saving: By eliminating the need to travel to a diagnostic center, home-based VEP testing saves you valuable time and minimizes the hassle associated with commuting and waiting.
  • Personalized Care: Our experienced healthcare professionals provide personalized attention and ensure that your testing experience is efficient, comfortable, and stress-free.
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How is VEP Test Done?

Understanding the Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) Test

The Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) test is a non-invasive procedure used to assess the functioning of the optic nerves and the visual pathway to the brain. It is particularly helpful in diagnosing conditions that affect the visual pathway, such as multiple sclerosis, optic neuritis, and other neurological disorders.

Preparation for the VEP Test

Before the test, no special preparation is usually required. However, it’s advisable to inform your healthcare provider about any medications you are taking, as certain medications can affect the test results. It’s also essential to wear comfortable clothing and remove any accessories, such as jewelry, that might interfere with the test.


Conducting the VEP Test

  • Electrodes Placement: You will be asked to sit comfortably in a chair. Electrodes will be placed on your scalp to record the brain’s response to visual stimuli.

  • Visual Stimuli: You will be asked to focus on a visual stimulus, such as a flashing checkerboard pattern or a screen with changing patterns. One eye is usually tested at a time, with the other eye covered to prevent it from seeing the stimulus.

  • Recording Responses: The electrodes pick up the electrical signals generated by your brain in response to the visual stimuli. These signals are then recorded by a computer.

  • Duration: The test typically takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete, depending on the number of stimuli presented and the specific protocol used by the healthcare provider.

locations of electrodes for VEP recording

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How to Schedule a Home-based VEP Test In Delhi

To schedule a home-based VEP test with GoodHealth21 Diagnostics, follow these simple steps:

Contact our Customer Care: Call our dedicated helpline at +91-8882154712

or visit our website to initiate the booking process.

Provide Relevant Details: Share your contact information, address, and any specific requirements you may have. Our customer care representatives will guide you through the process.

Appointment Confirmation: Once your request is processed, our team will contact you to confirm the date, time, and pricing details of the VEP test.

GoodHealth21 Diagnostics offers convenient and affordable home-based VEP testing services in Delhi. By bringing healthcare to your doorstep, we aim to enhance accessibility, comfort, and overall patient experience. Our competitive VEP test price in Delhi ensures that quality healthcare remains within reach for everyone. Prioritize your visual health and contact GoodHealth21 Diagnostics today to schedule a VEP test in the comfort of your home.

Why Choose Goodhealth21 Services For VEP Test At Home In Delhi



  • Expert Healthcare Professionals: GoodHealth21 Diagnostics has a team of highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals who specialize in conducting VEP tests. Our professionals are trained to deliver accurate results and provide personalized care throughout the testing process.


  • Convenience and Comfort: By opting for home-based VEP testing, you can avoid the inconvenience of traveling to a diagnostic center. Our team will come to your home at the scheduled time, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience for you or your loved ones.


  • Comprehensive Reporting and Interpretation: Our VEP test services include comprehensive reporting, providing detailed insights into your visual health. In advanced packages, the test results can be interpreted by specialized neurologists or ophthalmologists, enabling a thorough understanding of your condition.


  • Affordable Pricing: GoodHealth21 Diagnostics understands the importance of accessible healthcare. We offer competitive and transparent VEP Test Price in Delhi services, making it affordable for individuals seeking quality diagnostic solutions.


  • Timely Results: GoodHealth21 Diagnostics is committed to providing timely results for VEP tests. We understand the importance of quick diagnosis and strive to deliver accurate results within a reasonable timeframe.


  • Comprehensive Home Healthcare Solutions: In addition to VEP testing, GoodHealth21 Diagnostics offers a wide range of home healthcare services, including diagnostic tests, physiotherapy, nursing care, and more. By choosing us, you gain access to a holistic healthcare approach that caters to your specific needs.

GoodHealth21 Diagnostics stands out as a preferred provider of home-based VEP testing services in Delhi. With our team of expert healthcare professionals, convenience, advanced equipment, affordable pricing, and personalized care, we are committed to delivering accurate results and ensuring a positive experience for our patients. Choose GoodHealth21 Diagnostics for all your home healthcare needs and prioritize your well-being in the comfort of your own home.

How to prepare for a VEP test

Washing your hair the night before, but avoiding hair chemicals, oils and lotions.
Making sure you get plenty of sleep the night before.
If you wear glasses, make sure you bring these along with you to the test.
You are usually able to eat a normal meal and take your usual medications prior to the test. However any medications that may make you drowsy should be avoided.

I had my VEP test done at Good Health 21 in Delhi and it was fantastic. The staff was friendly, the facility was clean, and the test was conducted professionally. I would definitely recommend them.

Mr. pawan sharma

From Noida

I recently had a VEP test done at Good Health 21 and I was very impressed. The staff was friendly and professional, the facility was clean and well-maintained, and the test was conducted smoothly. I would highly recommend their services.

Mr. Pankaj Singh

From Delhi Ncr

The test was conducted professionally and the results were explained to me clearly.

Mr Rajesh Kumar

From Gaziabad

What are the factors influencing VEP?
Age, sex, visual acuity, and pupillary size are just a few of the physiological characteristics that can have an impact on VEP. Measures relating to technique, such as check size, brightness, field size, etc., may also have an impact.
What is the duration of VEP test?
It will take about 30 minutes to complete the VEP. First, the technician will measure the patient’s head and mark the locations of the electrodes using a non-toxic, washable marker.
What are the parameters of VEP test?
Latencies to the N75, P100, and N145 waves as well as the peak-to-peak amplitude of the P100 wave were recorded as VEP characteristics. The purpose of the study was to establish normative values and to look into how gender, height, weight, BMI, head circumference, and vision affected VEP.
What causes delayed VEP?
Due to diffuse axonal injury, VEPs are typically delayed following traumatic brain injury, and the length of the delay is connected with other indicators of injury severity, such as the degree of cognitive impairment.


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